Baba Ganoush & Pita with Indian twist

There is a very funny story behind this dish. Today, I wanted to create something new but didn’t have the time as I had to cook for my family first and then focus on my fun projects. I made Indian eggplant bharta, which happens to be a spicier version of the middle eastern Baba Ganoush and roti. So as  was cooking a thought came to me to present the same food in a new light. I made chips out of the roti, made the green and red sauces quickly and here it is – Indian style Baba ganoush with india Pita. baba-ganoush3

Indian style baba ganoush

In a little oil, add chopped garlic, onion, tomatoes, indian chili powder, a little turmeric powder, salt in that order and as per taste. Roast for 5 mins and then mix in roasted smashed eggplant. Top with roasted peanuts and cilantro and mix well.

Red sauce

Grind red chili with olive oil.

Green sauce 

Grind mint, cilantro, salt, and green chilies together.


Place a dollap of the baba ganoush on the plate. Surround it with olive oil. Add drops of the sauces. Top with the Pita bread.


Here is another view.







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