Camouflage : spicy art

Watched the life story of Italian Chef Massimo Bottura last night on the Netflix in one of the popular series “The Chef’s table”. What touched me from his lifestory was that he broke the traditions, he saw food in a different light and he did not give up. At the start of his career his restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, was under fire for breaking the tradition and thinking way out of the box. But eventually, he went on to become a three-Michelin-star restaurant chef.

The chef was introduced to world of art by his wife and he embraced art so much that every single creation of his was a work of art. One such creation from Chef Massimo Bottura is his Camouflage : Hare in the Woods, a dessert dish that combines a medieval blood dish, civet of hare, with chocolate, and aromatic herbs on a bed of artfully arranged vegetable-root powders and aromatic herbs. This dish inspired me to create my artwork as it let me combine the two of my interests Food and art.


I don’t have the specialized tools to dehydrate food and it is challenging to design a dish that combines such complex flavors together. So I thought of something that I could manage easily and diwali around the corner, I thought this could be a modern spicy rangoli.

Here is what I did. Ground following,

Pohe chiwda – Green color

Bakarwadi – brown color

Potato chiwda – offwhite color

Additionally, I used following for color and taste,

Jamun powder – sour and sweet taste and the purple color

Chaat masala – to sprinkle.

Then just plate to your artistic taste.


Here is a link to the Chef’s interview with Phaidon and his dish.


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